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Annie Hall

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The neurotic New Yorker Woody Allen tells one of the greatest romantic comedies to be set in the city of New York.

Title : Annie Hall

Year : 1977

Runtime : 93

Release Dates: 1977-04-19


Actors :

Woody AllenasAlvy Singer
Diane KeatonasAnnie Hall
Tony RobertsasRob
Carol KaneasAllison
Paul SimonasTony Lacey
Shelley DuvallasPam
Janet MargolinasRobin
Colleen DewhurstasMrs. Hall
Christopher WalkenasDuane Hall
Donald SymingtonasMr. Hall
Helen LudlamasGrammy Hall
Mordecai LawnerasMr. Singer
Joan NeumanasMrs. Singer
Jonathan MunkasAlvy Singer - Age 9
Dick Cavettashimself
Marshall McLuhanashimself
Jeff GoldblumasLacey Party Guest
Shelley HackasStreet Stranger (as Shelly Hack)
Beverly D'AngeloasActress in Rob's TV Show
Tracey WalterasActor in Rob's TV Show
Sigourney WeaverasAlvy's Date Outside Theatre
Truman CapoteasTruman Capote Look-Alike (uncredited)
Laurie BirdasTony Lacey's Girlfriend

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