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The Iceman

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The true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man.

Title : The Iceman

Year : 2012

Runtime : 105

Release Dates: 2012-09-01


Actors :

Michael ShannonasRichard Kuklinski
Winona RyderasDeborah Kuklinski
Ray LiottaasRoy Demeo
Chris EvansasRobert Pronge
David SchwimmerasJosh Rosenthal
James FrancoasMarty Freeman
Stephen DorffasJoey Kuklinski
Robert DaviasLeo Marks
John VentimigliaasMickey Scicoli
Danny A. AbeckaserasDino Lapron (as Danny Abeckaser)
Ryan O'NanasTerry Franzo
McKaley MillerasAnabel
Hector HankasTender Bar Earl
Zoran RadanovichasJimmy
Shira VilenskyasCoffee Shop Waitress
Kelly LindasHospital Nurse
John P. FertittaasUncle Bill (as John Fertitta)
Erin CummingsasEllen
Jimmy Lee Jr.asHomeless Man
Johnny MartinasMareilli
Nick GomezasAlvaro
Vincent FuentesasJC
Brian KinneyasSlick BMW Guy
Ashlynn RossasAlex
Weronika RosatiasLivi
Christa CampbellasAdele
Alexandra DokeasPark Little Girl
Bill Martin WilliamsasClub Maitre D'
Lindsay CliftasClub USA Dance Partner (as Lindsay Erin Clift)
Katarzyna WolejnioasRomy
Jay GiannoneasDominick Provenzano
Freddy BoscheasDetective Beaumont
Tim BellasCop
Garrett KruithofasStanley Kuklinski
Ray GaspardasDennis
Juan Michael Konshuk-MasasMr. Freezy's Son
Ehud BleibergasTrial Judge
Jonathan VenderasTrial Judge (voice)
Tommy Alastraas
Tommy AlastraasDocumentary Interviewer (voice)

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