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Step Up 3D

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A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers, including Luke and Natalie, team up with NYU freshman Moose, and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever.

Title : Step Up 3D

Year : 2010

Runtime : 107

Release Dates: 2010-08-06


Actors :

Rick MalambriasLuke
Adam G. SevaniasMoose
Joe SlaughterasJulien
Sharni VinsonasNatalie
Alyson StonerasCamille
Keith StallworthasJacob
Kendra AndrewsasAnala
Stephen BossasJason
Martín LombardasThe Santiago Twins
Facundo LombardasThe Santiago Twins
Oren MichaeliasCarlos
Daniel 'Cloud' CamposasKid Darkness
Aja GeorgeasThe Ticks
Straphanio 'Shonnie' SolomonasThe Ticks
Terence DicksonasThe Ticks
Chadd SmithasVladd
Britney 'B' ThomasasB.
Terrance HarrisonasRadius
Jonathan 'Legacy' PerezasLegz
Jaime Burgos IIIasMohawk
Ivan 'Flipz' VelezasSpinz
Ashlee NinoasStix
Tamara LevinsonasBend
Ricardo 'Boogie Frantick' Rodriguez Jr.asWave
Mari KodaasJenny Kido
Christopher ScottasHair
Luis RosadoasMonster
LaJon DantzlerasSmiles
Janelle CambridgeasFly
Anjelo 'Lil Demon' BaligadasArcade Rats
Jalen TestermanasArcade Rats
Jose 'Boy Boi' TenaasArcade Rats
Simrin C. PlayerasArcade Rats
Joshua AllenasHouse of Samurai
Jeffrey 'Machine' McCannasHouse of Samurai
Casper SmartasHouse of Samurai
Joshua Lee AyersasHouse of Samurai
Philip AlbuquerqueasHouse of Samurai
Richard Steelo VasquezasHouse of Samurai
John 'J-Rock' NelsonasHouse of Samurai
Aaron 'Deuce' CookeasHouse of Samurai
Moises RivasasHouse of Samurai
Zahra 'Jeskilz' HamaniasThe House of Samurais
Ivan KoumaevasHouse of Samurai
Sharya HowellasHouse of Samurai
Carly LangasHouse of Samurai
Nick WilsonasHouse of Samurai
Nick DeMouraasHouse of Samurai
Bailey HanksasNYU Tour Guide
Robin Lord TaylorasPunk Kid
Alex ZelentyasEmo Skater
Jimmy SmagulaasBalloon Vendor
Christopher PlaceasPolice Officer
Mark BlumasNYU Professor
Alex CharakasSilence D. Class
Carolina RavassaasKristin
Ally MakiasJenny
Jamal SimsasRed Hook Announcer
Kevin ChewasGwai Announcer
Ken MarksasWalter
Mark TallmanasDoor Person
Jennifer Van DyckasNatalie's Mom
Kylie GoldsteinasIce Cream Girl
David BrownasIce Cream Man
Rhapsody JamesasWoman Watering Plants
Dylan HartiganasScooter boy
Sal MistrettaasDiner Customer
Sonnie BrownasMrs. Kido
Akira TakayamaasMr. Kido
Grandmaster CazasWorld Jam Announcer
Hi-HatasWorld Jam Judge
Raymond Del BarrioasWorld Jam Judge
Marley MarlasWorld Jam Judge
Dan ZiskieasNYU Dean
Ryan Daniel BeckasMover Dancer
Sawandi WilsonasMover Dancer
Noel RodriguezasClub Dancer
Marie 'Pandora' MedinaasHouse of Red Hook
Tyrell WashingtonasHouse of Red Hook
Anthony CarrasHouse of Red Hook
Adrian WiltshireasHouse of Red Hook
Dave ScottasHouse of Red Hook
Cedric GardnerasHouse of Red Hook
Josue AnthonyasHouse of Red Hook
Richie SotoasHouse of Red Hook
Cheryl AlessioasArcade Player
George AlexanderasWorld Jam Dancer
Shawn BreathwaiteasDancer
Leon C. CarswellasHouse of Gwai
Bryan DechartasAnton
Monique DupreeasHip Hop Girl
Jason EtterasPreppy Kid
Ruby FelicianoasMimi
Moe HindiasGrand Central Passenger
Jeremy HudsonasTango Dancer
Morris IsbyasHouse of Gwai
Joseph Charles KayeasHouse of Germany
Kristen Kress ParnessasBackround
Chris KulanusorstitasDance Battle Spectator
Zachary McElderryasBill
Shauna MitchellasTango Dancer
Owen J. MurphyasEngineering Student
Kathy NajimyasMoose's Mom
Stefanie PaigeasCollege Freshman
Danielle PolancoasMissy
Alicia QuiñonesasWorld Jam Exhibition Dacner
Tony StylesasHouse of Gwai
Ashley SugarmanasDance Battle Spectator
Michael TrobianoasHipster
UzimannasHot Dog Vendor
Sean Van der WiltasTango Dancer
Penelope VazquezasTango Dancer
Harry Shum Jr.asCable

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